Stereoscopic Videos


make my day/ bubblevision 2010/2012. Digital video, digital photoframe, plastic, lenses, helium balloons


Flight of the Simulator 2012. Digital video, portable DVD player, fibre optic cable, magnifying glasses, DVD rack.



Waterworld  2010/2011. Digital video, portable DVD player, lenses, goggles, plastic.

This series of stereoscopic videos and viewing devices deconstruct the viewing experience and play upon notions of vision, perception and spectatorship. Using junkstore materials (toy magnifying glasses, swimming goggles, camera parts) and basic video equipment (personal media players, digital photo frames, portable DVD players) to construct makeshift viewing devices, these works operate contrary to the digital illusionism of contemporary 3D cinematic blockbusters. Instead, the viewing experience is as much one of witnessing the image breakdown as it is of perceiving the spectacle.

For the work stereostereoscope, earphone components were used as pinhole lenses to create an abstract stereoscopic experience of shifting points of light, with ambient sound the only clue to the location of the recording. Similarly, the works make my day, Flight of the Simulator and Waterworld  record and re-present simple gestures and ephemeral moments such as blowing bubbles, or the experience of waves washing over oneself. These small spectacles are imperfectly translated through the homemade apparatus, creating  a new experience of everyday phenomena.

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