Optimistically Omnivorous

The exhibition Optimistically Omnivorous includes the work Liquid Crystal Displaced and a new work related to the Talbot Carpet Project. The exhibition is curated by Martin Smith and will be presented at Onespace Gallery from June 19 – August 1. Artists in the exhibition include Cara Coombe, Peter Fischmann, Teresa Fornataro, Julia Scott Green  and James Hornsby.

“Optimistically Omnivorous presents the work of six Queensland-based photographic artists, whose practices utilise materials, places and ideas that are readily available. However, they employ divergent methods, approaches and philosophical connections to the medium. From constructed performances that reveal false narratives to indexical documentations that emphasise a specific time or place, the exhibition highlights photography’s multiple modes for representing us and itself, questioning the very act of looking.” Martin Smith, from the catalogue essay



Christopher Handran, Liquid Crystal Displaced, 2016. (detail).

Through the Looking Glass

The work Cosmic Background   will be featured in the exhibition Through the Looking Glass: Humanity’s Changing Vision of the Universe, an exhibition developed by the London-based collective Lumen. The exhibition seeks to illuminate how technology has influenced a collective view of the Universe, and runs from 15-20 October 2019.

01 FINAL TTLG Invite.jpg

Bodies of Tech

The work Cosmic Background features in Bodies of Tech, a series of artworks and panel sessions curated by Steph Hutchinson which explore the human experience in technological systems. Presented at the Brisbane Powerhouse Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th August, The project showcases the work of Researchers in QUT’s Creative Lab – visit the website for more information.


Featuring: Steph Hutchinson, Louis-Philippe Demers, Chris Handran, Kath Kelly, Kiley Gaffney, Daniel McKewen, Bree Hadley, Jonathan Roberts, John McCormick, Adam Nash and Benjamin Nicoll.


Bauhaus Now!

The work Light Space Replicator features in the exhibition Bauhaus Now! The exhibition is curated by Ann Stephen and runs from 26 July – 20 October 2019 at Buxton Contemporary, Melbourne.


In the year of its centenary the Bauhaus returns to haunt our museums. How do contemporary artists re-imagine a relationship to this legendary school? Are they scavengers raiding the ruins of modernism, appropriators of ‘good design’ kitsch or acolytes of an unholy sect?  Bauhaus Now! explores its legacy in Australia—both for contemporary artists and for art education—highlighting its visionary, collectivist ideals and its radical practices.

Artists: Mikala Dwyer & Justene Williams Gertrude Herzger-Seligmann, Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack, Paul Klee | Michael Candy, Peter D Cole, Christopher Handran, Shane Haseman, Rose Nolan, Elizabeth Pulie, Jacky Redgate

The exhibition also coincides with the publication of Bauhaus Diaspora and Beyond, featuring essays by Philip Goad, Ann Stephen, Andrew McNamara, Harriet Edquist and Isabel Wünsche.