2013. Digital video, pocket projectors, dummy surveillance cameras, tripods, motion activated light.





Survey comprises miniature projectors mounted on top of ‘dummy’ surveillance cameras, projecting a surveillance images around the space. The work exists in two versions; one a durational event, in which the assemblage is mounted on top of a roving ‘robot’ vacuum cleaner, the other an installation featuring an arrangement of multiple cameras and projectors.

In both cases, the video imagery features actual surveillance images from motion-activated cameras, triggered by activities such as courier deliveries, the comings and goings of cleaning staff, and even spiders spinning their webs in front of the cameras Sourced from the internet and edited together in sequence, they formed automatically generated stop-motion animations of ordinary events within domestic spaces.

These images were automatically uploaded from domestic security cameras to image sharing websites as a means of allowing its users global access to their private surveillance. My use of these images in turn highlights fault lines between public and private space, mobility and security, access and control, which were provoked by the networking of these apparatuses.