light space movement




lightspacemovement (magenta/yellow mix) 2012. cellophane, adhesive tape.




lightspacemovement (bluescreen) 2010. cellophane, adhesive tape.



lightspacemovement (vertical roll) 2012. cellophane, adhesive tape.



Light space movement is a series of installations using cheap coloured cellophane to create site responsive immersive light environments. The title describes the essential components of the work; the light filtered through the cellophane, the particularities of the space in relation to which it is installed, and its own movement in relation to air currents and the passage of viewers around it, while also referencing California’s ‘Light and Space Movement’. The work can be seen as a low-budget version of the immersive perceptual experiments of this group’s members, which included Robert Irwin and James Turrell. The translucent cellophane becomes a room-sized light filter that transforms and activates the space in which it is installed.

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