Selected Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions

2020 Site Spectrum Speculum, Outer Space, Brisbane
2019 You and the Universe QUT Creative Industries, Brisbane
2018 Light Space Replicator Kuiper Projects, Brisbane
2017 Curve of Sensations, Metro Arts, Brisbane
2015 Aqueous Humour, FirstDraft, Sydney
2015 Flickr Films, Kings Artist-run, Melbourne
2014 Time Lapse, Blindside ARI, Melbourne
2014 Swimming with Dolphins, Feltspace, Adelaide
2013 Complex Experience, The Block, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
2012 Light Forms Images, Screen Space, Melbourne
2010 In Stereo (with Rachael Haynes), Metro Arts, Brisbane
2008 Photo Lab (solo), Metro Arts, Brisbane
2006 Handran + Smith (with Martin Smith), Kings ARI, Melbourne
2005 detail, Blacklab International, Brisbane
2004 photo cube, The Cube, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Canberra
2003 The White Album, The Farm Space, Brisbane
2003 navel gazing, Soapbox Gallery, Brisbane
2002 unseen, 60 Merivale Street, Brisbane
2002 (detail), The Lounge, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney
2002 Give and Take (with Martin Smith), Metro Arts, Brisbane
2001 Panorama, Soapbox Gallery, Brisbane
2000 The Comfort Zone, the Development Space, Brisbane
2000 Sprawl, Soapbox Gallery, Brisbane

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 Check Website for Details, Kuiper Projects, Brisbane
2021 Bauhaus Now curated by Andrew McNamara, Museum of Brisbane
2020 Optimistically Omnivorous curated by Martin Smith, Onespace Gallery
2019 Through the Looking Glass, Lumen Studios, London
2019 Bauhaus Now! curated by Ann Stephen, Buxton Contemporary, Melbourne
2019 Bodies of Tech curated by Steph Hutchinson, Brisbane Powerhouse
2015 New Aesthetic? curated by Rachael Parsons, The Block, Brisbane
2013 MedienKunstPreis, SkulpturenMuseum Glaskarten Marl, Germany
2013 A River Without Banks, The Hold Artspace, Brisbane
2013 Brisbane Experimental Art Festival, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art
2012 ExUrban Screens, Melbourne
2012 Eddy curated by Brooke Ferguson, Metro Arts, Brisbane
2011 Right Here Right Now – Exposures from the Public Realm, Format Festival, Derby, UK
2010 Sound Gate, Kunsten/Utzon Centre/ Platform 4, Aalborg, Denmark
2009 A New Truth to Materials, Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space, Brisbane
2009 New Skin, Queensland Centre for Photography, Brisbane 
2008 Still Cinema: LightSpeedTravel (Screening) Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool Biennale
2007 20/20 curated by Frank McBride, Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane
2005 The Lake curated by Wei-Li Yeh, Taipei International Artist’s Village, Taiwan 
2005 Prime: new art from Queensland, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane
2004 Sleight, Redland Art Gallery, Queensland
2004 On Location curated by Angela Goddard, Queensland Centre for Photography, Brisbane
2003 The Farm Comes to Town, Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney
2003 b-sides curated by Martin Smith, Studio 11, Brisbane
2001 Close Proximity, Found Project Space, Melbourne
2001 fader curated by Sandra Selig, Metro Arts, Brisbane
2001 Fresh Cut curated by Ruth McDougall, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
2001 Best of QUT Graduates, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane
2000 Venture curated by Joseph O’Connor, Metro Arts, Brisbane
2000 Backyard curated by Maree Cunnington, Global Arts Link, Ipswich

Scholarships, Awards & Residencies

2020 Project Residency, Outer Space, Brisbane
2018 Dorothy Birt Memorial Award for Postgraduates, QUT
2016 Research Training Program Scholarship, Australian Government
2015 Visualist-in-Residence, Institute of Cultural Inquiry, Los Angeles
2014 VicArts Grant, Arts Victoria
2011 Owen J Wordsworth Scholarship, Queensland University of Technology
2011 Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship, Queensland University of Technology
2007 London Studio Residency Australia Council for the Arts
2002 Promise Program Residency Metro Arts, Brisbane

Selected Bibliography

2019 Ann Stephen Bauhaus Now! (ex cat), Buxton Contemporary, Melbourne
2017 Kyle Weise Lumière, Méliès and Christopher Handran’s The Curve of Sensations: A Playground of Effects (ex cat), Metro Arts, Brisbane
2014 Rachael Haynes, Time Lapse (ex cat), Blindside, Melbourne
2013 Rachael Parsons and Stephen Russell, Brisbane Experimental Art Festival (ex cat), BEAF 2013, Brisbane
2012 Time and Vision, ACME Projects, London, United Kingdom
2012 Artist Profile, Excerpt Magazine, Issue 4
2012 Brooke Ferguson, Eddy (ex cat) Metro Arts, Brisbane
2011 Artist Page: Instamatic, Eyeline Contemporary Art Journal, Issue 75
2009 Danni Zuvela, A New Truth to Materials (review) Artlink Magazine
2009 Camille Serisier A New Truth to Materials (review) Runway 14, Invisible Inc
2006 Bec Dean Temporal Spectres, Kings ARI, Melbourne
2005 Nicholas Chambers This space has been reserved for the production of art in Photofile, Issue 75.
2005 Simone Jones Prime (review) Eyeline, Issue 61
2004 Angela Goddard On Location (ex cat) Queensland Centre for Photography
2003 Claire Gobe, The White Album (review), Eyeline, issue 53
2003 Grant Stevens, Peering In (interview), Local Art, issue 9 pp 12-13
2003 Rachael Haynes, The White Album (ex cat), the Farm Space, Brisbane
2002 Ihor Holubizky and Franz Ehmann Heterostrophic IMA Press, Brisbane
2002 Jane Gallagher, Give and Take (review), Eyeline, issue # 48 pp 50-1
2002 Martin Smith, Opposites Attract in Give and Take (ex cat), Metro Arts
2001 Mark Gomes, fader: evacuating the time scene (review), Eyeline 46, pp 46-47
2001 Timothy Morrell, Pseudo Documentaries (ex cat), Soapbox Gallery, Brisbane
2001 Ruth McDougall, transitions in Fresh Cuts (ex cat), IMA Press, Brisbane

Selected Conference Papers & Presentations

2018 The Magic Lantern in Australia and the World Australian National University
2018 The Latent Image: 5th International Conference on Transdisciplinary Imaging at the Intersections of Art, Science and Culture, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
2016 The Work of Art: Art Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference, Australian National University, Canberra
2012 Together/Apart: Art Association of Australia & New Zealand Conference, University of Sydney, Sydney
2012  Interference:  2nd International Conference on Transdisciplinary Imaging at the Intersections of Art, Science and Culture, Victorian College of the Arts,
2011 Critical information: Mapping the Intersection of Art and Technology, School of Visual Arts, New York

Publications: Selected Exhibition Catalogues

Handran, C. and Haynes, R. (2017). Presentism. Brisbane: Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space
Handran, C. and Haynes, R. (2015). Cigdem Aydemir: I won’t let you out of my sight. Brisbane: Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space
Handran, C. (2014). Correspondences: Art from New Zealand. Brisbane: Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space
Handran, C. and Haynes, R. (2014). The History Paintings of Peter Alwast. Brisbane: Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space
Handran, C. (2012) In Pursuit of Critical Distance: Daniel McKewen. Brisbane: Institute of Modern Art
Handran, C. (2011) Pause/Play: Brooke Ferguson. Brisbane: Metro Arts
Handran, C. and Arden, H. (2007) The One and the Many. Brisbane: Metro Arts
Handran, C. (2007) The Crash Crew. Brisbane: Metro Arts
Handran, C. (2005) Isabela Pluta: Aerial Views. In From Space to Place, edited by Marco Marcon. Perth: Perth Institute of Contemporary Art
Handran, C. (2004) Seduction is Important: Chris Howlett’s Weapons on the Wall. Brisbane: Institute of Modern Art
Handran, C. (2004) Martin Smith: What Would You Choose? Brisbane: The Farm Space<
>Handran, C. (2004) Time takes everything, everything takes time. In Metis: Science and the Contemporary Arts, edited by Lisa Byrne (pp.50-53). Canberra: Canberra Contemporary Art Space
Handran, C. (2004) Eugene Carchesio. In Temperature, edited by Frank McBride. Brisbane: Museum of Brisbane
Handran, C. and Haynes, R. (2004) Space Invaders. Toowoomba: Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery
Handran, C. (2004) City Views. Brisbane: Museum of Brisbane
Handran, C. (2004) Fresh Cut 04. Brisbane: Institute of Modern Art
Handran, C. (2003) Second Sight: Contemporary Australian Photography. Brisbane: Brisbane City Gallery
Handran, C. (2002) Martin Smith: Reliving the Inane in Give and Take. Brisbane: Metro Arts
Handran, C. (2002) Susan Fereday: Remember Me. Brisbane: Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane

Publications: Selected Reviews

Handran, C. (2009) Blair French: Out of Time. In Australia & New Zealand Journal of Art (Volume 9; pp. 240-264).
Handran, C. (2005) Object/Subject. In Artlink Volume 25 Number 2
Handran, C. (2004) Sarah Ryan: it’s a complex world. In Photofile 71 (pp. 67-68)
Handran, C. (2003) 4 x 4. In Artlink Volume 23 Number 3
Handran, C. (2003) Chris Howlett: Weapons on the Wall. In Eyeline: Contemporary Visual Arts, Number 52 (p.47)
Handran, C. (2003) Art Built-in South Bank.  In Artlink Volume 23 Number 1


2019 Doctor of Philosophy: Thinking Outside the Black Box: the Apparatus Between Art and Science, Queensland University of Technology
2013 Master of Arts (Research): Looking into the Light: Reinventing the Apparatus in Contemporary Art, Queensland University of Technology
2000 Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) in Visual Art, Queensland University of Technology
1997 Bachelor of Visual Arts in Fine Art, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University



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